Why Should We Learn How to Deal With Sin?

By Matt Dawson

To be honest, I’m not sure many of us know how to make sense of sin.

Sin feels like such an archaic word, I’m not even sure if you ask 100 people to define it that you’d get less than 80 different ideas of what it is.

  • Do you understand sin?

  • Can you explain it to someone else?

  • Can you help someone through their objections and misunderstanding of sin?

We’re starting a series this Sunday that will be a powerful conversation about sin. Not a heavy, fear-mongering type of conversation like many of us got in our Baptist youth group days (wait… was that only me?).  No, we want to approach this topic from God’s perspective in light of our own lens of confusion, misunderstandings, and lack of interpretation.

Questions we tend to ask:

  • What is sin?

  • Why does it exist?

  • Is it something we do or don’t do?

  • Who decides what is called sin and not sin?

  • Why do people think homosexuality is a “worse” sin than others?

  • Why should I care if someone else calls my actions or behavior sin or not?  Why should it matter?

  • If I don’t believe in God, does understanding sin really matter to me?

This is the common list of questions I get when meeting with people who really have a hard time making sense of sin. These are just a few of the things we plan to talk about.

We also want to talk about FREEDOM.  Freedom from sin, freedom in our actions and behaviors, and freedom as we slowly transform our minds to be more and more like Jesus.

Join us. I can’t promise you’ll walk away at the end of this series and never sin again.  I can promise that if you engage for the next 3 weeks – you will have a much better understanding of sin from God’s perspective and how it fits within the lens of our finite understandings.

Join us!

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