What Does Partnering With Journey Mean?

By Chris Denning

The Journey Online Podcast

If you’ve been around Journey for any length of time, you’ve heard us talking about Partnering.  We don’t have members at Journey, we have Partners that help us accomplish the mission and vision of Journey Church.  Partners help to carry the heart of Jesus into the world by transformed people changing their friends’ lives by absolute hope.

In this podcast, Zack DeBerry and Chris Denning, talk about why partnering is such a big deal at Journey, what partnering looks like, and how you can take steps today to partner with Journey.  

021 The Journey Online Podcast | What Does Partnering With Journey Mean?  w/ Chris Denning

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What’s In This Episode?

  • What is the difference between being a Partner and a Member? – (1:03)
  • Why do Churches seem to shy away from asking for a commitment? – (5:15)
  • Why is Partnering key to the mission & vision of Journey? – (11:18)
  • What is Journey doing to promote Partnering? – (18:40)
  • What does Partnering look like at Journey? – (25:10)

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