Weekend Preview | Women Of The Bible: Part 3

By Matt Dawson

Do you know the DIFFERENCE between an Opinion and an Expectation? Do you know how it plays out in conversation, in relationships, and even in our spiritual thinking?

For instance, can you tell the difference between an opinion or an expectation when discussing current POLITICS on Facebook? How about when discussing NC HB2?

If you’ve found it difficult, then here is a good framework to help you understand it a bit better.

Difference of Opinions often generate conversation and use words like can, are, and could be based on the knowledge and experience we’ve attained thus far. Opinions can change and sometimes change often.

Difference of Expectations often generate arguments filled with frustration and/or disappointment and use words like should, ought, and can’t based on a conviction and/or conclusion about something that is black and white (crystal clear) to you. Expectations are much harder to change and rarely do.

Sometimes people don’t understand WHY they are fighting or WHY they are more relaxed about a particular difference than others. This Sunday we are going to look at the story of two sisters who ask Jesus to give his opinion on a growing difference in expectations between the siblings. Jesus gives his response… and it wasn’t an opinion.

Join us Sunday as we continue our series – “Women of the Bible.”

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