Weekend Preview | Women Of The Bible: Part 2- Mother’s Day

By Matt Dawson

Happy EARLY Mother’s Day!

This weekend, we celebrate the gift of motherhood and all women who have poured into our lives (yes – you too big sisters, aunts, friends who made us call you “aunt”).

We have a special Sunday scheduled with FREE cafe’ drinks and 3 minute hand/neck massages for moms. We will also have a special giveaway each service for one lucky couple.

This week as we continue our message series “Women of the Bible” – we are going to be looking at a lady who was instrumental in caring for one of God’s prophets. She was blessed financially and then God choose to bless her with a son after many years after she’d already given up on having kids. She experienced some incredible blessings from God as well some gut-wrenching heartbreak. She trusted in God for EVERYTHING, and knew that God would provide an answer for her heartache.

The most interesting part of her story is that she is NAMELESS. We don’t know her name. It’s not that she doesn’t have a name, but for some reason the author chose to not give us her name. I think the reason they did this is to help us understand that we can all relate to her story.

Many people may never know my name… but it doesn’t change how God is working in my life and what I am trusting in God for.

Join us this Sunday as we celebrate mothers and learn from an un-named mother what faith in God really looks like!


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