Weekend Preview | Women Of The Bible: Part 1- Esther

By David McNeely

The scriptures tell us that in the beginning God created man in his image. Male and female, He created them in His image. This means we learn about who God is and how he functions by looking at humanity. Men and women share many qualities that point us to God (reason, capacity to love, ability to create, work, etc.). But each gender also reveals unique aspects of God. Men put on display some of his characteristics (power, strength and simplicity), while women put on others (beauty, elegance, and mystery).

Not surprisingly, in the book of Esther we learn some things about God by looking at the woman Esther. But surprisingly, we learn more about who He is in spite of her, Mordecai, Haman, King Ahasuerus, and the other characters.

God is not mentioned by name in the book of Esther. No prayer is recorded in Esther. Yet perhaps no other book in The Bible so clearly displays God’s sovereignty, faithfulness, and presence like Esther. The drama unfolds quickly and the writer brilliantly draws the reader in from the opening line. He keeps us there until the final word is recorded.

I really believe this book would perform well in live theaters all across the globe. The ingredients are there. There are characters we can relate to including a villain and a hero. There is tension in the storyline that builds to epic proportions before being resolved. And it all really happened. It’s a true story. But let us not miss the main idea that God is getting across in this amazing book. God’s voice may be silent in the ink, but he screams to us, “I am here! I will move on behalf of my people!”

Perhaps today you are looking at life’s circumstances and are asking, “God are you here? Are you for us?” The story of Esther informs us. God is saying everything he needs to say in this drama. Back then, he pointed the Jewish people forward and today he points us backwards. And he does this through a woman he created. She is far from perfect. In fact, she is deeply flawed. And God used her to save an entire race of people. It’s not the only time he has used flawed people. It won’t be the last.
He was there with Esther. He is here with you now.

Join us this Sunday at Journey to hear Esther’s story in more detail.

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