Weekend Preview | Why Can I Trust The Bible? Part 3

By Zack DeBerry

I don’t know about you, but one of the questions that I sometimes hear and even have to answer for myself revolves around the usefulness of the Bible in everyday life. We have talked about the Bible in terms of history and reliability, but just how useful is it on a daily basis?

This is the very question that we will be addressing this Sunday at Journey as we close our “Why I Can Trust The Bible” series. We hope that you will see why the Bible is timeless and culturally relevant to all people in all places. The Bible is a text that has survived for thousands of years and still remains relevant to our lives today.

This week, we will talk about why we believe you can trust the Bible to have answers for whatever you are facing in your day to day life. Join us at our Huntersville campus at 9AM or 11AM or catch us live online at 11AM.

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