Weekend Preview | Why Can I Trust The Bible? Part 2

By David McNeely

Is there any reason to believe the Bible when some of it’s claims seem so outrageous?

Last year, I met with a 29 year-old engineer for dinner over the course of 4 weeks. He was and still is brilliant. He’s also compassionate, kind, and respectful. It was a joy to meet with him. He stills comes to our church. He enjoys coming and learning. Last year when we began meeting, he was unconvinced of the truthfulness of the Bible. He was stuck on two issues: Creation and Jesus’ resurrection. He is not alone.

Many people struggle to believe the validity of a book that makes claims that the earth was created in six days and that a guy was dead on Friday but came back to life on Sunday. The reason it is hard for many to swallow is obvious– we just don’t see that happen today.

This weekend, we will look at two differing ways to apply apologetics. We’ll ask these kind of questions.

  • Was the earth created in six 24 hour days? Can one believe something different and still say the Bible is without error?
  • Was Jesus really physically dead on Friday, Saturday, and into Sunday?
  • Did he physically rise from the dead sometime that Sunday morning?
  • Can one believe something different and believe the scriptures are reliable?

We’ll use these two issues and see how to give a reasonable argument for the validity of God’s Word.

Can you trust the Bible? Yes, you can. See you on Sunday!

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