Weekend Preview | What Motivates Sin? – Part 2 – Weak

By Zack DeBerry

It is fair to say that we all at some point in our life struggle with Sin. Whether it is doing something we know is against God’s word or not doing something that we know God has called us to do. We all fight a battle in our hearts against Sin. Sometimes we sin out of our wounds, but many times we Sin in areas of weakness in our lives. The truth is that some of our weaknesses can both lead to Sin or they can act as a catalyst to allow God to work through us.

Paul talked about this in 2 Corinthians when he referred to a weakness he had as a “thorn in the flesh”. We don’t know what exactly this “thorn” was, but what we do know from reading the text is he prayed that God would remove it, but God never did. Instead, God revealed to Paul that sometimes He longs to use a weakness in our lives to keep us dependent upon Him and to allow His glory to shine through.

This week at Journey we will be talking about our weaknesses and specifically dealing with a couple of questions about our weaknesses:

  1. What are Weaknesses?

  2. Where do Weaknesses come from?

  3. What is the purpose of Weaknesses in our life?

How we deal with our weaknesses in life can either be a source of blessing or brokenness.

Join us THIS Sunday at Journey as we talk about how God longs to use our weaknesses for His Glory and our Good.

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