Message Preview | What Happens When Family Challenges My Faith

By Matt Dawson

I’ve had the awesome privilege of being married to my amazing bride for the past 23 years! It’s that amount of time where we can actually tell what each other is thinking about 80-90% of the time and ALMOST finish each other’s sentences.

My wife challenges my faith.  Not in a bad way – in the BEST way!  We love having discussions about what the Bible says and what we think it means. Sometimes, we have differing opinions and try to convince each other of our position.  I LOVE THIS!  My wife is extraordinary studious so even if I’ve come close to convincing her about my position, there’s no doubt she will continue to study the subject until she’s satisfied. I’m so fortunate to have a partner in life who challenges my faith! 

However, we’ve had many friends who don’t share in this joy. Their faith is challenged constantly, but not in a good way.  It’s challenged from an unbelieving spouse who doesn’t support them.  It’s challenged from their children who walked away from the church at 14 and have yet to return.  It’s challenged from their adult siblings who raise kids differently, or from parents who don’t see value in your faith, but instead see it as something that separates them from you.

It’s a difficult path to walk when those closest to you…those that are supposed to “get you” at every level challenge one of the most important parts of your life. If there’s power in the tension, its often impossible to see past the pain and hurt we are experiencing.

This Sunday (Mother’s Day), we’re going to continue our discussion of how to manage the Tension between Fear and Faith when challenged by those we love most.  

MOTHER’S DAY AT JOURNEY: We will have free cafe drinks for all mothers, as well as neck massages in the lobby (by a trained professional).  Don’t miss the photo opportunity as well (provided by the awesome folks at SocialBooth) to take a picture with your mom and/or send your mom some love via social media from the lobby.


See you Sunday!

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