Weekend Preview | We Can’t Stay Here: Part 3 – We Have to Go

By Chris Denning


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Have you ever felt like you weren’t ready to go?  You know, like with both big things and small things.

I’m not ready to start my new business.

I’m not ready to try again.

I’m not ready to join a life group.

I’m not ready to love again.

Sometimes, these feelings are valid and supported by truth.  However, most times, we tend to stop ourselves because of bad perceptions and lies.

I’m not ready to start my new business, because I need to have every step planned . . . Lie.

I’m not ready to try again, because I need more time to feel sorry for myself . . . Lie.

I’m not ready to join a life group, because I don’t have my stuff together . . . Lie.

I’m not ready to love again, because I’m going to ruin it again . . . Lie.

Again, I’m not talking about people who haven’t had the time to grieve or process properly.  I’m talking about the Ready, Set, Go people.

The people who feel like they must have a detailed plan that addresses everything to do with the “Go” and needs everything else in their life to be completely perfect before they can “Go.”

This isn’t just a bad way to live, its not the way God has called us to live.  Just look at this snapshot from the story of Joshua leading the Israelites to the Promised Land:

Give this command to the priests who carry the Ark of the Covenant: ‘When you reach the banks of the Jordan River, take a few steps into the river and stop there.’”

Joshua 3:8 NLT 

God didn’t lay out the entire plan for them.  He wanted them to take a few steps first before He revealed what came next.  Faith was absolutely necessary for the Israelites to step into what God had for them.

The same goes for us.

I’m a planner, and I love to have everything mapped out, but sometimes, if God is calling me to do something, maybe I need to just start GOING in the anticipation that God will show me the HOW along the way.

This weekend, we’re taking some time to talk about the danger of the “Ready, Set, Go” mentality, and see how God really calls us to a “GO, Get Set, Ready” mentality.  Come ready to be challenged and encouraged to step out in faith like never before, as we conclude our series, We Can’t Stay Here.

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