Weekend Preview | United: Better Together

By Chris Denning

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Consider a penny.

If I were to take a single penny and throw it at a wall (rude, I know, but go with me here), it wouldn’t really do much damage.  It wouldn’t make much of an impact.

However, if I took 100 pennies and put them in a sock (old school) and threw it at the wall, the damage would be much more noticeable.

Further still, 1,000 pennies would probably go straight through the wall. 

What’s the point of this silly penny story?

Its difficult for individuals to make a large impact on their own . . . but individuals united around a common purpose can make a huge impact. 

Unity is a core value of Journey Church, because we believe that the Church (note the BIG C) is better together.

The Church.  THE Church.  Specifically for Journey Church, we’re talking about the Church in Lake Norman.

Every church has a circle of influence based on the people who partner with them (Think of each person as a penny).  Each church has the ability to make an impact based on how God wants to move through them and how great their circle of influence in LKN (Think of the influence as all the pennies together).

However, if each church were to combine their influence with other churches, the impact in LKN would be INCREDIBLE.

Increased prayer towards the same end.

Increased resources towards a specific goal.

Increased influence in the community of LKN as the Church of Jesus.

This weekend, we’re hosting a conversation called United, where you’ll get to hear from the whole lead team at Journey, including Matt Dawson (Lead Pastor), Chris Denning (Creative Arts Pastor), Don Gentry (Family Pastor), & Zack DeBerry (Groups Pastor).

We’ll be talking about the importance of Church unity and why we feel the need and burden as a church to embrace the challenge of being united with other churches in Lake Norman.

We hope you come this weekend with an open heart and an open mind to see how you can play your part in the story of what God is doing in Lake Norman, not only through Journey, but through the Church of Jesus.

Join us this weekend at 9 or 11am

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or Online at TheJourneyOnline.tv at 11am

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