Weekend Preview: Unfailing Love

No matter your age, experience, or gender… we all have a deep longing to find a Love that does not fail. From fairy tales as children (true love’s kiss), to Disney movies (happily ever after), to romantic comedies (“You had me at ‘Hello’”) – we are drawn to this idea that there is a LOVE that exists that will never fail us.

Yet, it’s often hard to believe that UNFAILING LOVE can be a reality when we see example after example of love failing all around us!

How can LOVE be so powerful that we feel like we can LEAP from a mountain and soar in the clouds but also drop us to the earth leaving us crushed?

Too often we become cynical of LOVE because we have experienced too many moments in our lives when love has failed us. Our desire for unfailing love becomes callous, and we tend to settle for lesser “expressions” of love instead of the real thing.
We use the excuses that we are:
– emotionally damaged
– cursed in love
– emotionally unavailable
– lovesick & broken
– emotionally needy and dependent

We allow our brokenness to define the love we can manage and experience on our own, yet that is not what God had in store for us.

How is it possible to deal with the failing love in this world, but hold onto the unfailing love that God promises to us?

This weekend at Journey, we will discuss this in light of our definition of “What is Love” and “Who is Love”. We conclude our series with this question “How can we experience unfailing love?”

See you this Sunday.

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