Weekend Preview | The E-Word: Part 3 – Take the Step

By Chris Denning

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I’ve really been enjoying this series on evangelism, The E-Word.  I have already said how I’ve not been a big fan of evangelism in the past, but I feel like the perspective of evangelism we’ve been using as our lens for this conversation has been very helpful and encouraging.

One thing Matt said last week has really stuck with me, especially when it comes to evangelism:

ALMOST sharing your faith and NEVER sharing your faith are the SAME thing.

Ouch.  But like a good ouch, the kinda ouch you need every once in a while to remember what’s important.

Good intentions alone have never helped anyone.  Thinking that donating to a tsunami relief is a good thing to do has never provided tangible help for people hurting on the ground.

The same thing is true for sharing our faith.  Thinking that its a good idea to share your faith or even coming close to sharing your faith with someone doesn’t help people hear the Gospel.

The point of this is not to guilt you into sharing your faith constantly without understanding your context.  The point is to help you to take a step.

Sharing your faith doesn’t always look like a traditional presentation of the gospel or walking people through doctrine.  Sharing your faith can be a conversation, sharing a story of how God’s worked in your life, or even listening to someone else’s story.

The goal isn’t to become a specific mold of an “evangelizer,” but rather to take a step in sharing your faith in your everyday life on a regular basis.  The best way to do this is to remember the 5 guidelines for evangelism:

1. You won’t fail.

2. It’s for everyone.

3. Be driven by love.

4. Tell your story.

5. Be yourself.

Learning how we can share our faith in our normal, day-to-day lives is so important, especially when it comes to living a life that reflects Jesus.  Remember, almost sharing your faith and never sharing your faith are the same thing.  Take a step today to share your faith in your everyday life.

Join us this weekend to learn how you can take that step, and for all of the Father’s Day fun we’ll be having on Sunday.  Dads: you’re definitely going to want to be there!  

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