Message Preview | Storytellers – Part 2

By Matt Dawson

If you’ve never heard of StoryLine (by Donald Miller), I cannot suggest reading it strongly enough!

The concept of Storyline is to BETTER UNDERSTAND what makes a GREAT STORY – GREAT! And when you know the answer to this question, you can translate it into personally LIVING A BETTER STORY!

Here’s what I believe.

A Faith Worth Telling = A Life Worth Living
This goes hand in hand and can be flip flopped for the same impact.

If you’re living an experience filled life and faith, with all the ups and downs that come your way – you will have something significant to share with others. If you are sharing stories worthy of others hearing about – chances are you are living a life full of experiences and faith worth living. The key to unlocking BOTH of these truths is to engage in a BETTER STORY OF FAITH.

Once upon a time…Christianity was a faith worth telling others about. WHY? Because Christians lived a life worth sharing.  They were risk takers, change makers, and became world changers. They proclaimed the gospel with boldness in Christ and respect for others. They had a faith that drew people in – not one that pushed people away.

What changed? 

The Gospel story has not changed.
The tenements of our Faith have not changed.
The Power of the Holy Spirit indwelling us has not changed.

We’ve changed.

We’ve settled to live stories that make much of the temporal, and little of the eternal.  We’ve lived stories driven by fear, anxiety, and shame – not of FREEDOM and HOPE.  We’ve settled to live stories filled with opinions and preferences and have lost the value of TRUTH and LOVE.

It’s my deepest desire to see people share their faith in Jesus. However, in order to do that – we need to accept that many of us may not be living a life of faith that is worth sharing!  Let’s all LIVE A BETTER STORY! 

Join us on Sunday at 9am & 11am in Huntersville and 11am in Denver as we continue our series “Storytellers.”

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