Weekend Preview | Stop Attending Church: Part 2 – Start Volunteering

By Chris Denning

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If you haven’t noticed by now, Partnering is a BIG DEAL at Journey.

In our current series, Stop Attending Church, we’re talking about what it looks like to be a Partner at Journey and why that matters. Last week, we talked about the community aspect of Partnering.

This weekend, we’re focusing on Volunteering as another part of Partnering. Volunteering means finding your spot on a team at Journey, and serving as a way of humbly pointing everyone to absolute Hope.

Personally, the way that I grew up in church helped me to understand not just the importance, but the imperative nature of volunteering for the church.

Around the 7th grade, my family decided to join with a new church plant. From Day 1, if people didn’t show up to set up the stage, the kids area, or even the lobby, then that church didn’t happen that day. There was a real, tangible need for active volunteers in the church.

Now, don’t hear me saying that without volunteers, “Church” can’t happen, cause that’s just dumb. The Holy Spirit is what gives the Church life today, and God invites us and provides us the opportunity to humbly point everyone to absolute Hope through our services every weekend.

That’s really the greatest thing about volunteering: while it’s really an opportunity to Partner with Journey, you’re REALLY Partnering with God in what He’s doing at Journey. God is inviting you to use the gifts, talents, and abilities he’s blessed you with to be his hands and feet in the Church.

This weekend, we’re going to provide you with an opportunity to respond and find your fit and your place to Volunteer at Journey. I want to challenge you to really take to heart what Don’s going to be sharing with us and ask yourself what God might be calling you to.

Finding your place and your team can do so much for you personally that I’d go as far to say that you are limiting what God can do in and through you by not taking the next step.

Take that step, find your team, and humbly point everyone to absolute Hope.

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