Weekend Preview | Solid Rock / Sinking Sand: Part 4 – Love

By Chris Denning

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Love is easily one of the most interesting ideas in the world.

I mean, its probably one of the few intangible things that ALL people crave, desire, and even need in order live. Receiving love can change your mood, your attitude, even the way that you view your life. People will do all kinds of things for it, even things they normally wouldn’t think to be possible.

Love is one of the greatest mediums of communication too. When you love someone, sometimes you don’t even need words to let the other person know what you’re thinking or how you’re feeling. Love helps us to feel connected and valued by other people in this world.

Love can even become a commodity for which we trade and sell to get the things we want. Not just romantic love, but love that communicates worth or value to those we want to impress or get something from.

The funny thing about our love is that its limited and easily fails us, but we still crave it like a drug. Think back to high school. Do you remember all those yo-yo relationships either you or your friends were so desperately involved in? Love can be an incredibly fickle thing.

However, its important to note that I’m talking about human love. Love that is bound by the emotions and capabilities of humans. Even in the best situation with our best intentions, our love is still something that can fall short and fail us.

This kind of love isn’t what we are singing about together. We sing of a love that is infallible, never-ending, and unconditional. We read of a love that reaches us, even when we are furthest from its source.

We’ve been singing a song recently at Journey, and this one section has been stuck in my mind. Not just because of the melody or even the skillful writing, but I think because of how deeply it speaks to me at my core.

Your love so deep is washing over me,

Your Face is all I seek, You are my everything.

Jesus Christ, You are my one desire,

Lord, hear my only cry, to know You all my life.

When I consider God’s great love for me, this is what my heart says. This is how I want to respond on the deepest level.

Why? Because its the only way that you can respond when you encounter a love that is deeper than anything you’re capable of understanding, let alone giving.

This weekend, we’re going to be talking about how we can live our lives with the deep foundation of God’s love, rather than the selfish love we’re capable of. If you have a hard time giving or receiving love, I hope that you’ll join us to get a glimpse of a great, great love that’s waiting for you.

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