Weekend Preview | Solid Rock / Sinking Sand: Part 2 – Righteousness

By Chris Denning


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I’m really not a big fan of “churchy” language, especially when there is another way of saying it.

Congregation feels a little funny, when I could say church family. Proselytize doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue when I could say evangelize, or even share my faith.

However, there are some words that sound “churchy,” but are just the exact word you need to use. We’re focusing on that word this weekend in Part 2 of Solid Rock / Sinking Sand: Righteousness.

In this series, we’re taking some core, foundational pieces of our beliefs and learning how we can approach them as God intended or as we want to. Last week we talked about having a Child-like Faith (Faith in God) or a Child-ish Faith (Faith in Ourselves).

This weekend we’re talking about Righteousness. When we say righteousness, we’re basically saying “right-standing with God.” Although righteousness does sound kinda churchy, that’s the exact word to use when talking about this.

From even the beginning of Jesus’ ministry, there has been this line drawn when it comes to righteousness. There are two main ways that people have believed that they can become righteous:

  1. Do enough good things to earn your righteousness.
  2. Accept God’s grace to be considered righteous through Jesus.

The old ways of doing things (i.e. the Old Covenant & Old Testament) were based on us having to do things to earn our righteousness. However, this led to having to have repeated sacrifices and repeated efforts to secure righteousness or holiness.

Why? Because the point was never for us to have to EARN our way to right-standing with God.

God knew that we would never do enough to earn our righteousness. He wasn’t trying to play us or put us through an unnecessary ringer, no, he was trying to give us the perspective to see that we needed something, someone else.

That’s why Jesus had to come. That’s why He had to live a perfect life. That’s why He had to be the only righteous person who ever lived. Because the only way we could have a rightstanding with God is by God providing a way for us.

This weekend, we’ll be diving into righteousness even more and I hope you’ll join us to see just how badly we need Jesus to be right with God.

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