Weekend Preview | Questions Without Answers: Part 2

By Matt Dawson

One day, Mark began to write a report about the moon for his class project at school. Andy also chose to write a report about the moon, and both had to deliver their reports on Friday. They didn’t know what each other had written until a conversation started at lunch on Thursday about the COLOR of the moon.

“I believe the crystals on the moon give it a predominantly blue/white color that our eyes detect from earth,” Mark said.

“No, that’s stupid. Haven’t you ever seen old pictures of moon rocks? The moon is a gray/black color clearly,” Andy responded back to Mark.

“Your face is stupid! How in the world would we be able to see the moon if it was gray/black in the night sky?” March shouted. “You’re wrong!”

“Your mom is wrong,” Andy angrily yelled back at Mark. “Why are you only going by what your eyes see at night and not the facts we have from bringing moon rocks back with us?”

Immediately, a teacher intervened and took them to the principal’s office for making a ruckus in the lunchroom. Outside the principal’s office they continues to fight with one another.

“You’re so wrong Mark,” Andy said. “I’m right and the principal is going to agree with me.”

“Whatever Andy,” Mark responded. “Your argument completely denies what people see everyday, and 99% of people would agree with me.”

The principal opened his door and invited the two boys in. The principal was already in a meeting with someone but interrupted it because he was used to seeing these two kids fight about the most inconsequential things. He couldn’t wait to see what they were arguing about this time.

The two boys stated their cases to the principal. Surely he would settle which one was right and which was wrong. He listened carefully to both arguments, and then began to tell the boys that they both had good points but that they were missing something essential.

“The truth is boys,” the principal said, “you are not able to understand all the facts needed to come to the truth about the moon. However, luckily enough, I happen to be meeting with someone right now about some questions that I have and can’t figure out. When this happens to me, I go right to the source of all truth and knowledge. Boys… meet Jesus.”

“Hi boys,” Jesus said. “Believe it or not, my Father and I created the moon and set it into place and I know exactly what color the moon is.”

“Really?” Mark said in shock. “How’d you do that?” Andy said with wonder!

“You see boys, whenever you guys fight about who’s right, you have to find some way to make sure the other person is wrong. As a matter of fact, the ONLY way for you to feel right about your answer is to MAKE the other person feel wrong about their answer,”  Jesus explained.

“Well, is one of us right?” Mark asked.

“It’s hard to say,” Jesus said. “Both of you have elements of your argument that are right. Then again, you guys are both missing a large amount of information that you couldn’t know without discussing it with me. After all, I created the moon and put it in it’s place. Some mysteries of the moon can only be explained by me. It does seem like gray dust on the outside when holding a moon rock in your hands, AND it does have multiple billions reflectors in that dust that give it a blue/white glow when it reflects the sun light back to the earth.”

“So, we’re both right?” Andy said confused.

“In a relative manner of speaking – yes,” Jesus said. “However, why settle for a relative truth as your answer? You have ME at your disposal and can ask me anything you want. After all…I created everything!”

The saddest state of the post-modern movement is society’s abandonment of absolute truth in exchange for subjective relative truths that must be argued and defended at all cost for them to remain true.

There is a better way!

Join us Sunday as we continue our series “Questions Without Answers” concerning the LGBTQ community.

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