Weekend Preview | Making Sense of Sin: Part 1 – What is Sin?

By Chris Denning

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I think it’s safe to say that NO ONE likes to deal with their sin. Confronting our sin and acknowledging it means we have to deal with it in our lives, including the consequences it brings.

However, I would say that this feeling, this tendency of ours is rooted in one, clear fact:

We don’t understand SIN and what it does in and to our LIVES.

Sin isn’t just a mistake (we’ll talk about that next week), and it isn’t just this thing that puts a blemish on your record. Sin is a pervasive cancer that literally separates us from God.

I think most people, myself included sometimes, try to mitigate their sin, even minimizing it into something that it isn’t. This only harms us, kinda like looking at a knife in our head and calling it a flesh wound. If we don’t address it directly and intentionally, it will own us.

In the series we’re starting this weekend, Making Sense of Sin, we’re going to be taking time to develop a better understanding of what sin is, how it truly effects our lives, and how we ALREADY have FREEDOM from it through Jesus.

If you feel trapped or even held down by something you’ve done or someone you’ve been, I want to invite you to join us over the next few weeks. Freedom is the main theme that runs through each week, because God wants us to understand sin through the lens of Jesus.

Yes, we are innately sinful beings, born into it, but we are not destined to live that way. Jesus has made a way for us to overcome sin & experience freedom in our everyday lives, because of His love.

It is impossible to truly understand SIN without also knowing JESUS.

I hope you join us and come to find this as reality too, as we spend some time together Making Sense of Sin.

Join us this weekend at 9 or 11am

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