Weekend Preview | Ideal Family Part 4: Family According to Star Wars

By Don Gentry

You are in the middle of the biggest film of your life. You are the main character AND you are writing the script. You get to decide if you are going to be the hero. You have an enemy and it is the dark side. (Aka Satan, selfishness and the deceitfulness of time.)

What you may not know is that “the force” is with you and has actually already won the final battle. Victory is yours! There is a battle plan and play book that has been written to guide you and set up a pattern of ideals that will lead you into many victorious skirmishes all along the way. The dark side is forever going to be luring you.

You get to choose on a regular occasion how you are going to act. If you act according to the battle plan and choose the way your guide has laid out before you, your movie will end victoriously. You may have a few scenes you wish could be deleted, but that is why your guide has chosen to walk with you. To help you recover from those difficult scenes.

The only person in your film that you can write a script for is yourself, and you may have to adjust your script regularly because of outside influences. Every character in the movie gets to write their own script and it often causes us to re-write our own role.

You see, we are all writing our own script, and the movie I am talking about is you and your family. God, through His son Jesus, has provided us a path to victory. He has given us the Holy Spirit as our “force” to walk with us as we choose how we are going to write the script in each scene of our life. Whether every scene works out the way we want it to is not the main point of the movie. The main point is are we learning to listen to the Holy Spirit guide us as we figure out our role in the movie.

Our current series at Journey has been about creating our script for an ideal family. God has provided direction for all of us. He has provided power and victory. He has provided examples, as well as a way, to write a good script. If you are breathing oxygen, then you are a part of a family. If you are drawing breath, you still play a major role in your family, whether that role is child, parent, grand parent, or extended relative. There is great freedom granted to you, but caution is encouraged as you become all that God has intended for you to become.

May the force be with you as you write your story!

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