Weekend Preview | How Do You Hear God?-Part 3

By Matt Dawson

As we close out our series “How Do We Hear God”, we will be addressing some of the personal and subjective ways that God speaks to us.

I was trying to get ready for a wedding. I can’t find the clothes I was going to wear. I run to the car in my underwear… hopefully they are in the car. My hair won’t dry. It’s because I left the aloe in it. I rinse it out, super good, scrub scrub scrub. I dry it. For a second I’m Sofia Vegara (just go with it). My hair looks fabulous. I go the restroom and notice a spot on my head in the mirror. I look closer and find that I have a 3×3 bald square on the top. What?!?! How did I miss that while styling? Maybe no one will notice since I’m Sofia Vegara #fingerscrossed #yeahright #onlyinmydreams

Dołącz do nas w niedzielę na naszej ostatniej dyskusji o tym, jak usłyszeć Boga . Tytuł tej wiadomości jest “Ucz się dostrzec ” . Mamy nadzieję, że zobaczymy się w ten weekend na 9 rano i 11 rano. (Interpret)

God said, “You need to be at Journey this Sunday!”

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