Weekend Preview | How Do You Hear God?-Part 2

By Matt Dawson

As we prepare to gather this weekend in Huntersville and Denver to continue our series “How Do You Hear God”, I want to give you two things to look at ahead of time.

1. New Song
This week, we will introduce a great new song that I’d love for you to listen to before we meet together on Sunday. The words are powerful and will reinforce the message this Sunday as we prepare our hearts to gather and worship together.

Spirit Of The Living God
Click picture or click HERE

2. New Prayer
This isn’t actually new, but it will probably be new to most of us. It’s called “The Prayer for Freedom” and is from a book called “Walking the Dead” by John Eldridge.

This is a prayer that I pray often. It allows you to pray 48+ scriptures during the entire prayer. Download the PDF and pray through it ONE TIME before we meet together on Sunday.

Daily Prayer

Click picture or Click HERE

This Sunday will be a powerful time at Journey church as we continue to discuss how we “HEAR” God and why it matters to every single one of us!

See you Sunday!

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