Weekend Preview | God’s: Part 2 – God’s Provision

By Chris Denning

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Lets say you’re having a work event.  This is a pretty big deal that you’re inviting clients to and such, so it needs to be awesome.  Guess what, your boss put you in charge.  Yay.

Your boss gives you the rundown of what he wants, how the party needs to flow, but also the budget.  She just lays down a healthy chunk of change for you to use as needed to make the event happen as intended.

The event happens, its great, yada yada, not the point.  The point is, when it comes to the money that your boss gave you, the money that was the company’s or you could even consider hers, you’re accountable to her for how you spent it.

You need to be able to explain why you spent what you did and where every dollar went.  There needs to be an explanation for how you used and regarded these resources.

Do you feel that weight on your shoulders yet?  
That almost pit in your stomach called financial responsibility?

The nerds in the room are excited about this idea, because they LIVE for spreadsheets and responsibility and wise, fiscal planning.  However, the majority of people are probably sweating reading this because that kind of accountability and responsibility isn’t fun.

Now comes the real question:

If everything comes from God, including our resources, then why don’t we feel like this when it comes to his money?

Why don’t we feel the gravity and importance of spending God’s money the way God would want it spent?

Maybe its because we don’t really believe its ALL His.  Sure, my tithe is his and I’ll give to charity (to ease my tax burden at the end of the year), but the rest of that is mine. I EARNED it.

There’s the sticking point: Entitlement.  I worked hard, I busted my butt, therefore, I should get what I want and get to do with MY money what I want to do with it.

This weekend, we’re talking about God’s provision.  Provision is a word that implies reliance or needing something.  Provision means someone looking out for or providing for someone else.  It is in God’s nature as the great Provider to look out for His children.

But back to the entitlement thing.  Yes, you did work hard and you did earn the money by working hard.  However, you did not create that opportunity out of thin air.

And if you’re prideful enough to think you did, you DIDN’T create yourself with the giftings and talents you have that enabled you to get the job in the first place.

Our salaries are God’s provision.  Our cars are God’s provision. Our houses are God’s provision.  Our 401Ks are God’s provision.  Our HSA’s are God’s provision.  Our nest eggs are God’s provision.

Therefore, if everything we have is a provision from God, then good logic follows that we’re accountable to Him for how we use it.  He should dictate how it’s used, because it’s his anyways.

This weekend, I want to encourage you to come with an open mind about your stuff.  Even if you don’t believe what I just laid out, consider this:

What if I’m right?
What if everything really is God’s?
What does that mean for you?

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