Weekend Preview | Global Outreach Weekend

By Chris Denning


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Serving brings Purpose.

If you hang around Journey, you’ll definitely hear about these things we call Our Core Ambitions. These are four specific things, actions or aspirations really, that we believe each person who follows Jesus should be actively seeking to live out. They are like 4 wheels on a car, where if one of them isn’t working or happening, the whole thing will feel off.


This weekend, we’re focusing on the outcome of Serving, which we believe is purpose. Serving others brings purpose to our actions. We believe that serving others, especially OUTSIDE THE WALLS of Journey Church is something that brings purpose to the lives of followers of Jesus.

Sometimes, its helpful to hear the stories of others who have gone before, who are already doing the thing you want to do. When trying to lose weight, hearing the story of someone who has transformed their life is incredibly encouraging.

We want to take some time this weekend to introduce you to and catch you up on everything that Journey is involved with across the world, which we call Journey Global Outreach or Journey GO.

We’re going to talk about our partnership with the Appalachian Service Project in the Guyan Valley in West Virginia. We’re going to learn about our friends over in Huánuco, Peru with Hovde House at Paz y Esperanza. And we’re also going to update you on what’s going on with The Kilgoris Project in Kilgoris, Kenya.

We’re going to hear the stories of many who have served before us, and we’re also going to hear from people who are directly leading our partnerships all around the world.

I hope you take time to join us this weekend so that you can taste and see why we believe that Serving brings Purpose and so that you feel called to take a step, a jump, or a leap with Journey GO!

Join us this weekend at 9 or 11am

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