Weekend Preview | Fracture: Part 4 – Living A Bigger Story

By Chris Denning

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In this series, we’ve been talking a lot about our stories.  Not only our own stories, but how everyone has their own story.

And all of these stories are going on alongside each other, overlapping, weaving in and out of each other, connecting and disconnecting.  However, our stories exist inside the context of a greater story, maybe THE Story: The Story of God.

From the beginning of time, God’s been writing His story.  From Adam, to Abraham, to Moses, to David, to the Prophets, to Jesus; God has been using men to write his story.  The fact that he would use such an imperfect tool as man to write His story is quite humbling.

The craziest part is that God doesn’t just write his story using Kings and Queens, but he chooses to write it EVERYDAY with people like you and me.  Through our successes, through our failures, in our high times, and in our lowest times; God is writing his perfect story in and through us.

Yes, I said PERFECT story.

We believe that God is sovereign, which means that he doesn’t make mistakes.  We believe that God also gives us freedom to make choices in our stories, but God already knows how each and every story will unfold.

Yes, that makes my brain hurt too.

When I came to this realization, I felt so comforted and ready to step forward into my own story.  When we rest in this truth, we can live with the confidence that God has never left our sides, that he is orchestrating our each and every step.

This gets even more incredible that He doesn’t just do this for me, He doesn’t just do this for you, but that He does this for everyone.  Everywhere.  Forever.  WHAT?!?  I’m so grateful that our God is bigger than I could imagine and beyond my ability to understand Him.

This weekend, we’re going to be talking about what it is like to fully realize the great story we’re living inside and what can happen when we decide to trust God with our own stories.  This is going to be an amazing weekend, and we’d love to have you join us!

Join us this weekend at 9 or 11am

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