Weekend Preview | First Things First: Part 1

By Matt Dawson

I clearly remember one Christmas Eve, pouring sweat at 1:30am as I spent 2.5 hours putting a HUGE toy together. All so that our children would arise on Christmas morning with the beautiful illusion that some bearded man in red suit broke into our home in the night with fully constructed toys for all the good girls and boys (don’t judge me, it’s tradition).

WHY did I spend 2.5 hours on 1 toy, you ask? Because I had to put it together 3 times! The first 2 times, I didn’t follow the instructions (because I’m a man!) and missed the some of the first few steps in putting it together! On the 3rd attempt, while trying not to cuss (or cuss too loudly to wake the children), out came the instruction booklet and I followed the plan… STEP 1, STEP 2, and so on. It should have only taken me 20 minutes to put it together if I had only followed those first few steps.

The reality is, when we skip the first few steps to anything that has a plan or design, we often make a mess of everything.

Our lives have a plan, a purpose, and a POINT to them. God has a plan for us that includes making sure that FIRST THINGS COME FIRST. When we follow the priorities that God gives us, everything works better. We are then able to reach our full potential. Without the right priorities, we often make a mess of everything that matters most!

This Sunday, we will kick off a BRAND NEW series entitled “First Things First; Prioritize Your Life.” We will spend the next few weeks discussing how God designed some of our most precious resources to use for His purposes and when we follow those steps, everything in our lives works better. It’s time to prioritize our lives!

This is a GREAT opportunity to INVITE A FRIEND (someone from your Top 5) to join you this weekend at Journey Church!

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