Weekend Preview | Don’t Hate the Messenger: Part 5 – Haggai

By Chris Denning


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As we close up our series, Don’t Hate the Messenger, this weekend, I’m reminded of a simple truth. It’s so simple that I almost decided not to write about it.

Not because I’m nervous about sounding like a broken record, but rather because I don’t know if we’re willing to really listen to it. Hearing the same thing a lot over time has the tendency to dull our ears to it.

At the risk of sounding cliche, I’ll still let you know what this series has consistently reminded me:

The past is where we learn to not make our future mistakes.

Retrospect and hindsight have always been the tools of wise people, but I really do think there is something to looking into our past if we want to learn how we could and should live our lives today. This is true for the story of the Bible, especially the Old Testament.

These 5 prophets we’ve taken a look at are simply men. Yes, they were called by God to speak to His people, but they were simply people like you and I. They spoke to people, just like you and I.

Wouldn’t it make sense that we could learn something from people just like us? 

We may not be living in a perfect analog of the ancient Middle East, but we are people who are choosing to follow God. Imperfect in our nature, but still striving to learn what it looks like to honor God with our lives.

We can learn to avoid our future mistakes by learning from their past, which, as we’re a part of the family God, is our past too. I think the last few weeks have yielded some really great simple pieces of advice we can take from a part of the story of these prophets. Here they are for reference:

Samuel: God wants to talk to us, but we don’t always listen.

Elijah: Do we tend to seek the explainable or the undeniable?

Elisha: God’s will is accomplished through our differences.

Habakkuk: In every season, we trust God because He remains faithful, matter what.

There is some really great stuff in here, and I think the thing I love the most is how disparate and spread out the topics they cover are. They are all complimentary, but cover a wide base of life circumstances. 

We’ll have to wait til Sunday to learn what Don’s insights from Haggai are, but I’m excited to see how we close out this series together.

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