Weekend Preview | Context – Part 2: The History Books

By Chris Denning

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As we continue to look into the Old Testament, our next stop is in the History Books.  This isn’t a name given by the Bible itself, but rather a term we use to talk about the books from Joshua to Esther.

These books record the history of the Jewish people, from the time they entered the promised land to the two deportations and loss of the land because of their unbelief & disobedience.

These books cover about 800 years of Israel’s history, and include many of the major events in their history.  You can split these books into three smaller sections:

The Theocracy

  • Joshua, Judges, & Ruth
  • The time when Israel was ruled by God.

The Monarchy

  • 1 Samuel, 2 Samuel, 1 Kings, 2 Kings, 1 Chronicles, & 2 Chronicles,
  • The time when Israel was ruled by kings, turning from God as a nation.

The Restoration

  • Ezra, Nehemiah, & Esther
  • The time when Israel returned to their land, after 70 years of captivity.

The history books not only give us perspective of God’s chosen people, but it also reveals a nation desperate for a savior, for Jesus.

I’m encouraged when I read these stories, mostly because I see myself in them.  I see myself in the doubters that followed Joshua.  I see myself in David who honored God publicly, but constantly trusted in himself.  I see myself in the countless times where they chose their own ways over God’s ways.

Yet even in all of their missteps and blatant disobedience, God still chose them.  God could have changed his mind, but He told Abraham that He would be his God, and that his people would be His great nation.

God never wavered.  He never changed.  He always kept his promise.

As we look into these books, try and see yourself in these stories and find hope.  See yourself in their attempts to honor God, in their failing to do so.

But above all, see how God never left them or turned his back on them.  Even in the depths of their rebellion, our rebellion against God, He never fails.

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