Weekend Preview | Breathing Room: Part 3 – Margin for Finances

By Chris Denning

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Over the past few weeks at Journey, we’ve talked about our need for margin in our life & in our relationships.  This weekend, we’re focusing on something that you might not be completely comfortable with: margin in our finances.

You might be thinking, “what can a CHURCH teach ME about having margin in MY finances?”

And to that, I would respond . . . Touché.

However, it is clear that the Bible teaches A LOT about how followers of Jesus should handle their finances.  For instance, the Bible is very clear about how we should treat our money, as Jesus said in Luke 16:10:

“If you are faithful in little things, you will be faithful in large ones. But if you are dishonest in little things, you won’t be honest with greater responsibilities.”

Why would we expect God to bless us with more money (i.e. responsibility) if we live our lives with such little margin with our current finances?  We’re not talking about some prosperity gospel mumbo-jumbo, where just because we believe in Jesus we should expect him to give us money either. (P.S. – That’s just dumb, and also not Biblical.)

As believers, we don’t own our money, we steward (meaning: manage or look after) it for God.  Therefore, the question is this:

How can we live our lives in such a way that we can honor God by how we manage money with more margin?

I want to encourage you to come this weekend with open hearts & open minds, in order to honestly ask yourself whether you’re living with margin with your finances.  We’re going to be providing some REAL resources to help you gain more margin in your finances, and check this out:

We’ll be giving away a FREE SCHOLARSHIP to someone for Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University starting in February!

You’ll have to come this weekend to see how to get your hands on these great resources and for how you could get a scholarship to Financial Peace University.

Remember: no matter where you are financially, there is Hope for us and our finances if simply invite God into our finances.

Join us this weekend at 9 or 11am 

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or Online at TheJourneyOnline.tv at 11am

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