Weekend Preview | 5 Things I Wish Jesus Never Said: Part 5- EASTER

By Matt Dawson

This Sunday is EASTER! I hope you are looking forward to joining us as we humbly point everyone to absolute Hope!


Hope is a special topic for me this time of year. As we think about “good Friday” today, it’s only good because we know that the cross was the path to resurrection and life!

However, it was not a GOOD Friday at all for the disciples and those who witnessed Jesus’s death.

Every year, I make it a habit on Friday and Saturday (before Easter) to try and remember the hopelessness that filled Peter, James, John, and all those who loved Jesus. To watch their friend be brutally killed and placed in a grave. To feel that all was lost, all was over. That the last 3 years were going to end in tragedy and all they hoped would be accomplished through Jesus ended in a tomb.

Hopeless. There’s no better word to describe it.

It also helps me understand that this is the feeling and the foundation of everyone who doesn’t know Jesus TODAY. Those on my Top 5, those I meet in the community that are filing their lives with every measure of joy they can purchase and negotiate, yet when it’s all stripped away remain hopeless. Hopelessness is a sobering reality for those who are not walking closely with Jesus.

This Sunday, we won’t just celebrate Easter with chocolates and egg hunts. We will celebrate THE EVENT that our entire faith is founded on. The Resurrection! The time that HOPE in its fullness was delivered once and for all. That Jesus himself would MAKE A WAY for us to have peace with God and a relationship with Him!

Join us Sunday as we conclude our series, 5 Things I Wish Jesus Never Said, with the statement “I Am The Way!”

I’m so happy that Jesus made a way for us to experience the HOPE we have in Him!

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