005 The Journey Online Podcast | We Can’t Stay Here w/ Matt Dawson

The Journey Online Podcast

2014 was an awesome year for Journey Church, but 2015 is positioned to be even greater!  God has done some big things over the past few years, but we’re excited about what God is going to do in the next few.

In this episode, Zack DeBerry talks with Matt Dawson about our series We Can’t Stay Here, about the vision for Journey Church, and especially answering several “Whys” behind some of the mile-markers of our vision.

005 THE JOURNEY ONLINE PODCAST | We Can’t Stay Here w/ Matt Dawson

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What’s In This Episode?

  • Big Vision for 2015 and Beyond for Journey Church – (1:55)
  • Why Campuses? – (4:25)
  • Why do we measure Stories? – (15:40)
  • What does investing in the LKN Community look like? – (23:00)

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