5 Keys to an A+ Sex Life

By Don Gentry

Be forewarned that we will be discussing sexual content in the article you are about to read.  If you have not listened to or watched the first two sermons in our Who Changed the Rules series, and read the blog post that Matt wrote on Monday, then please do so.  This post is written based upon the foundation that has been built thus far.  Thanks!

In order to have an A+ sex life, we must understand that the ideal sexual relationship has been designed by God to be enjoyed and experienced within the parameters of a covenantal bond between a man and a woman.  We also must start with the idea that God has created our sexual organs with amazing sensory receptors in order to experience extreme pleasure.

Because of our design, we know God intended our sexuality to be enjoyed, within His ideals.  Sex is not dirty or shameful. Sex is a beautiful gift from God! If you experience shame or you think that sex is dirty, then I can assure you that you are not experiencing all that God has created for you to enjoy.

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