Message Preview | Follow the Leader – Part 3

By Zack DeBerry

I am excited to be closing out our series on Judges. The last couple of weeks have helped me to really understand that God uses flawed and broken people to do His work. I can take comfort in that because I’ve felt very flawed many times in my life. From parenting to pastoring, I feel like I have so much to learn and can do better or be more efficient, but it is never about what I am capable of on my own. It is only when I am operating in God’s calling for my life and His strength that I will be able to do all that He has for me to do.

This week we end the series with one of my favorite people in scripture, Samuel. Samuel’s story is a pretty cool story from beginning to end, but this week we will look at a section of his story that may seem like he failed a little as a leader/follower. As we dive into his life as the 15th and final Judge in Israel, we will learn what it means to be obedient leaders/followers in our own lives. We will see God do amazing things through what appears to be failures in Samuel’s leadership. I am excited to be able to talk with you and share about Samuel’s life, but more importantly about the incredible way God uses flaws and failures to teach us and accomplish His incredible plan in our time.

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Weekend Preview | Don’t Hate the Messenger: Part 1 – Samuel

By Chris Denning

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Just a few short months ago, we walked through a series called Context, where we took a look at what the Old Testament is and why it matters in our lives today.  As a part of that series, we talked about the prophets.

The prophets are both a section of the Old Testament as well as actual people who lived and were the mouthpiece of God for many years.  These were men who were appointed by God to guide and lead His people, as well as reveal the coming of the Messiah (i.e. Jesus).

This seems like a simple task, but often these men were met with hostility and resistance, especially when God had called them to speak out against something they were doing.  Honestly, I bet that these people knew what they were doing was wrong, whether it be worshiping other gods or turning away from God entirely, but they didn’t want to be called out for doing it.

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