Message Follow Up | Making Sense of Sin: Part 1 – What is Sin

By David McNeely

God HATES sin.

Sin WRECKS people, places, and things.

Creation is PAYING THE PRICE for our sin.

Jesus tells us to deal harshly with it. Plucking out eyes and cutting of hands should not be taken literally but rather as a call to grab sin by the throat. The Holy Spirit promises to give us the power to do it. He loves giving that power.

The ultimate reason we are to deal harshly with it is because we want to love what God loves and hate what God hates. That’s the driving force.

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Weekend Preview | Solid Rock / Sinking Sand: Part 2 – Righteousness

By Chris Denning


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I’m really not a big fan of “churchy” language, especially when there is another way of saying it.

Congregation feels a little funny, when I could say church family. Proselytize doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue when I could say evangelize, or even share my faith.

However, there are some words that sound “churchy,” but are just the exact word you need to use. We’re focusing on that word this weekend in Part 2 of Solid Rock / Sinking Sand: Righteousness.

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