Rainbow Profile Pics . . . Okay, Now What? | 3 Suggestions for Moving Forward with Hope

By Matt Dawson

It’s been 5 full days since the highest court in the land decided to define marriage as a right for ALL people. This has sent a serge of activity through social media as the new rotating billboard for our opinions and thoughts. People are responding in joy, anger, grief, and confusion over what has happened and what will happen next.

At first, I was pretty disgusted by most of what I saw on social media. Some tweets from our President about a “more perfect union” made my stomach turn, but not nearly as much as some Facebook posts from high profile Christian leaders saying “get ready for God to judge our nation!”.

Both of these positions made me lose my lunch and not want to eat for most of the day. Around day 3 – I began to read some pretty helpful and insightful posts and articles about our current state of affairs and I began to be encouraged by their words.

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Weekend Preview | Context: Part 1 – The Torah

By Chris Denning

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If you watch How I Met Your Mother, then you know that Barney has a lot of #1 rules.  However, his ultimate #1 rule is this:

New is always better.

That seems to be the way that a lot of people view the Bible as well.  Yes, the words of Jesus and everything that happened after he changed the world do seem to carry a lot of weight, but what about everything before?

Everyone knows that context matters.  Without context, stories don’t make sense, people can be hurt, and even fights can break out.

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