It’s Easter… Invite your friends!

By Don Gentry

Easter is just around the corner!! It is my most favorite Holy day of the year! Every day is a celebration of Christ as a Christ follower, but on this particular day we set aside a special time to celebrate our Savior’s resurrection. If it weren’t for Christ’s resurrection, then we would never celebrate His birth. If he hadn’t risen from the dead on His own power, then his birth wouldn’t have been any more special than any other man’s.

The importance of Christ’s resurrection offers us an incredible opportunity to invite our friends to join us. Who doesn’t like to invite a friend to come with them to a big celebration? Very few people have never heard of Easter- even my Atheist, agnostic friends know about Easter.

Here are some helpful tips to motivate you to invite your friends and neighbors to come to church with you on Easter Sunday!

  1. It is a celebration! People feel welcome at celebrations! Invite them to join you in the biggest celebration of your faith.
  2. Ask them face to face. It is much harder to reject someone when they are looking at you.
  3. Post THESE GRAPHICS via social media and help us get the word out!
  4. Don’t be afraid of someone saying no. They may have other plans. The worst anyone can say to you is, “I can’t make it.”
  5. Don’t wait until Saturday night, people make plans!
  6. Invite them out for lunch afterwards, keep the celebration going!
  7. Be prepared to go to both services, so that if they do show up you can sit with them, even if you already listened to Matt preach the first service! ☺
  8. Just do it! Jesus paid the ultimate price for us. The least we can do is set aside a special day to celebrate the freedom and victory that He has given us!
  9. Stop making excuses for others. Maybe they are just waiting for someone to invite them to church. You never know until you try!
  10. Easter is a great day to humbly point your friends and neighbors to absolute hope.

Obviously, whether you invite anyone to Church with you is up to you, but Easter really is an easy day to invite others to join you. We have created the invite, the graphic, and have an awesome church so you can feel confident in inviting others. The only thing we can’t do for you is invite the people for you. We are counting on you to help us humbly point everyone to absolute hope!

See you soon!

3 Ways YOU Should Prepare for Easter at Journey

By Matt Dawson

As we approach this coming weekend, many are looking forward to Easter morning at Journey.  Some are just looking forward to the break from school, or a vacation that is coming up.  Others are not really looking at this weekend any differently than any other weekend – let’s just be honest about that.

I want us to really begin to prepare ourselves for an incredible weekend together at Journey Church.  As we approach this special Sunday (a Sunday set apart to celebrate AN EVENT that is the Cornerstone of our faith!), I want us to do the following over the next 4 days together . . .

1. Get Your Heart & Mind Ready

We are so busy and living such margin-less lives, if we’re not careful, this celebration can slip right past us.  Begin to pray today and over the next several days about what God wants to say to you this year at Easter.

If you’re carrying around a heavy burden of stress, or anger, or just frustration in life – give that to God and ask Him for peace.  If you’re struggling for purpose and direction in your life – ask God to reveal HOPE to you.  Don’t allow this amazing weekend that we celebrate the gift of LOVE that Jesus gave us by His death and resurrection to PASS YOU BY without intentionally preparing your hearts and minds for it.

2. Invite/Re-Invite your TOP 5

Have you made your top 5 list yet?  If not, do it today!  

Who are the people God has placed in your circle of influence (co-workers, neighbors, friends, family, people in your network group) that He wants you to invite?  Statistics show time and time again, that so many more people are open to visiting a church (with someone they already KNOW) on Easter and Christmas more than any other time of year.  Don’t let this opportunity pass you by!

If you’ve already made that invitation and they have not committed – DO IT ONE MORE TIME!  You re-inviting them may be the thing that changes the course of their lives as they know it.  Never underestimate what God can do through a simple invitation!

3. Engage/Love OTHERS on Sunday

It’s easy to come to church and enjoy the service we have planned for you.  It’s going to be a powerful day!  But it’s also a day that our house will be filled with many, many guests.  Folks that are looking for a place to belong, looking for a friendly face, looking for HOPE.

Easter is a Sunday that we can all do better and engaging and expressing LOVE to people we don’t know.  To see that person in the lobby (get out of our comfort zone and conversation with close friends) and speak to them.  People are 10x more likely to come back to a church where they feel welcomed (and not judged) and loved.

We don’t want to just be glad they decided to come and join us for Easter services, we want to make sure they know THAT WE EXIST TO HUMBLY POINT EVERYONE TO ABSOLUTE HOPE!

Take advantage of this week, and put all 3 of these things into practice from now through Sunday morning.  I promise, you will never regret getting your heart & mind ready, inviting those in your circle to join you on Sunday, and loving others (those you don’t know) when they decide to come and join us!  It may just be the BEST SUNDAY you’ve had in a long time.

I’m looking forward to seeing each and every one of you this weekend!