Why Should We Learn How to Deal With Sin?

By Matt Dawson

To be honest, I’m not sure many of us know how to make sense of sin.

Sin feels like such an archaic word, I’m not even sure if you ask 100 people to define it that you’d get less than 80 different ideas of what it is.

  • Do you understand sin?

  • Can you explain it to someone else?

  • Can you help someone through their objections and misunderstanding of sin?

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Message Follow Up | Solid Rock / Sinking Sand: Part 3 – Forgiveness

By Matt Dawson

I’ve not written or spoken about the Ashley Madison fiasco for the past 2 weeks for good reason.

  1. I hate when tragic news is over-publicized with an agenda.

  2. I knew this week was coming up, and that it was a good time to discuss it.

Yesterday, we talked about the FOUNDATION of our Christian faith: Forgiveness. Not just run-of-the-mill forgiveness that we can muster up, I’m talking about LAVISH, EXTRAVAGANT, FULL OF MERCY AND GRACE FORGIVENESS!

The Ashley Madison hack simply put a spotlight on a cultural norm in our area. Folks that have studied the social and spiritual needs of our Lake Norman community have come to realize that Adultery is one of the top issues we face.

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Weekend Preview | Solid Rock / Sinking Sand: Part 3 – Forgiveness

By Chris Denning


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When it comes to relationships, any kind of relationship really, the most difficult part has got to be forgiveness.

And not the kind of forgiveness where you say, “oh, it’s ok,” so you can move on to something else, but like real forgiveness. A forgiveness that really takes something for someone to extend.

In most relationships, this is the kind of forgiveness that we can find. Its shallow and useful at times, but it doesn’t really communicate what we wish we could. Its more like a fresh coat of white paint over a stained wall. It makes things look alright, but is simply a temporary measure.

I’m not trying to say that real forgiveness should be an easy thing to dole out, but that we are called as followers of Jesus to make forgiveness a regular part of how we relate with people. Why? Because God has already forgiven us of SO much more.

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Message Follow Up | Who Changed the Rules: Part 1 – Who Changed the Rules of Dating?

James Clear has become one of my favorite bloggers.  I confess I do not consume many blogs and thus you shouldn’t put much stock in my limited exposure.  But the reason I love him so much is that he writes a lot about change.  More importantly he writes about maintaining change.

He approaches this from a scientific point of view.  I have no idea of where he is spiritually but I find his stuff to be incredibly helpful for changing behavior.  It cannot however change the heart.

In his short book entitled Transform Your Habits he writes about getting back on track after slipping up.  He states this, “But small hiccups don’t make you a failure, they make you human.  The most successful people in the world slip up on their habits too.  What separates them isn’t their ability to avoid mistakes, it’s their ability to get back on track quickly.”  There is truth in that.

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How to Fight With Your Significant Other

By Don Gentry

If there is a universal truth about relationships, it’s that arguments are inevitable.  Even in the happiest and healthiest relationships, there are moments of tension and disagreement.  With this in mind, we can see the importance of knowing how we can argue well with those we love.

I would like to share with you five tips that I have learned after 18 years of marriage that can transform our relationships.

1. Guard Your Tongue.

If we could bring our tongues into alignment with the word of God, ALL of our relationships would prosper.
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