Resources For The Ideal Family

As we continue with the “Ideal Family” series, our desire is to help guide you through your own journey of understanding your role in creating the ideal family. As mentioned on Sunday, we would like to point you toward 3 specific resources that we feel can be very helpful.

Please consider the following options and take advantage of the opportunities that they provide:

1. Journey Family Resource Page – Our new website has a resource section under Family Ministry that includes links to websites, blogs, videos, curriculum and books. These resources have been vetted by our leaders and are available to explore at your own convenience. You can find this page at OR by Clicking HERE.

2. Living Forward Assessment – As an added resource to his latest book “Living Forward”, Michael Hyatt provides a FREE website where you can take an assessment test to help you measure your progress in several different areas of your life- areas such as marriage, parenting, finances, spirituality and more. You can access this test at

3. Parenting Conference – On Saturday, April 16th, we will be hosting a Parenting Conference called “10 Secrets To Everyday Life”. Celebrate Calm’s Kirk Martin will be with us to discuss 10 ways to accomplish the following:

  • Get your kids to listen the first time. 

  • Stop defiance, disrespect and yelling.

  • Stop whining, tantrums and sibling fights.

  • Get kids off video games/screens without a fight.

  • Create stress-free mornings, homework time and bedtime.

You can find out more information, watch a sample video and REGISTER FOR THE EVENT HERE

We truly hope that you take the time to invest in some, if not all, of these resources. We believe they can help you define your role in creating the ideal family!

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