Message Follow Up | We Can’t Stay Here: Part 1 – We Can’t Stay Here

We Can’t Stay Here: Part 1 – We Can’t Stay Here from Journey Church on Vimeo.

By Matt Dawson

If you were not able to attend our service last Sunday, you missed one of the greatest weekends I’ve had the chance to experience. 

There really is NOTHING LIKE celebrating what God has done and is doing together with your church family!  I hope you felt the same way – trust me, you’re going to want to take a few minutes and WATCH IT!

I ended our time together with these words:

Your pastor is ready… your leadership at this church is ready… we are going after all that God has in store for us – we will risk everything and never give up as long as there are people who need the absolute Hope of Jesus!  Are you ready?!”

It’s a powerful thing to stand with my brothers and sisters in Christ – our PARTNERS in mission and ministry – and boldly ask God to ignite passion in our hearts and launch us into His vision for our church.  

I’m honored to be your pastor and cannot be more excited about this moment in the life of our church!

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Weekend Preview | We Can’t Stay Here: Part 1 – We Can’t Stay Here

By Chris Denning

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2014 was a BIG year for Journey.

We’ve seen incredible growth not only in attendance and generosity, but we’ve seen God do some incredible things through Global Outreach, in the Lake Norman Community, and even with our students at Journey.  With as awesome as 2014 was, we’re going to see the seeds that were planted flourish in 2015.

We’ve had one of the best years our church has ever seen, but 2015 is setup to be even greater!

In 2015, we’re going to be taking even bigger steps forward to be the church God has called us to be.  To humbly point everyone to absolute Hope.  And we’re going to start  right here in the Lake Norman Area, with those closest to us: our friends. Continue reading

5 Things to Celebrate From 2014 | 5 Things to Look Forward To In 2015

By Matt Dawson

Happy New Year Journey family – I’m so excited about 2015!  I’m honored to be your pastor and wanted to quickly share a few things I’m celebrating this year and a few things I’m looking forward to in our future.  

5 Things to Celebrate from 2014

1. Staff Transitions

If you didn’t know, we lost 4 staff members towards the end of 2013 and this entire year was a rebuilding year for our staff and leadership.  It was hard, but not as hard as it could have been.  We knew at the end of 2013 we were experiencing some GOD-LED changes that were out of our control, so we knew He would be faithful to walk us through that transition.  

After experiencing this past year, I remain convinced that God brought us the right people and some incredible leaders to help us during the interim and are now in place to help us have an incredible 2015!  One lesson I’ve learned: when God is leading CHANGE in your life – trust Him, He is faithful!  Continue reading

Message Follow Up | United

United: Better Together from Journey Church on Vimeo.

By Chris Denning

If you weren’t able to make it to Journey yesterday, you’re going to want to make time to check out the conversation we had with our pastoral team called United.

We talked not only about why it’s important for Journey to be unified as we move into 2015, but more importantly, we talked about the importance of unity within the “Big C” Church of Lake Norman.

Like Matt was saying, the goal for unity in the “Big C” Church of Lake Norman isn’t Sameness (a bunch of clones or everyone trying to be exactly the same), but rather is Oneness (unity in purpose and being connected with Jesus).  Jesus thought that unity was imperative for the Church, as we see in His prayer before He was taken to be crucified: Continue reading

Weekend Preview | United: Better Together

By Chris Denning

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Consider a penny.

If I were to take a single penny and throw it at a wall (rude, I know, but go with me here), it wouldn’t really do much damage.  It wouldn’t make much of an impact.

However, if I took 100 pennies and put them in a sock (old school) and threw it at the wall, the damage would be much more noticeable.

Further still, 1,000 pennies would probably go straight through the wall.  Continue reading

Christmas Break | No Posts Til Jan 2

Hey everyone!

Just wanted to let y’all know what was going on the Journey Blog over the next week or so.  We wanted to take the opportunity to take a break over Christmas and get ready for everything that 2015 has for us.

We hope that you might be able to join us this Wednesday evening, on Christmas Eve, for our Journey Family Christmas services at 5 or 6:30pm.  We’ll have childcare available for babies under 2, and we invite you to bring the rest of the family into the service with you!  There’s going to be lots of laughs, lots of Christmas songs, and simply a time for us to remember why we celebrate Christmas.

This is the PERFECT opportunity for you to invite your friends and family to join you at Journey.  Christmas Eve is a time when more people would love to come to church if only one of their friends or family would invite them.  Take the step to humbly point everyone to absolute hope this Christmas season.

We will also have an online service this Sunday, December 28th, called “Be Still & Know That I Am God.”  This brief, online experience is a great opportunity for us to take a break from meeting every Sunday, and will allow us to take a breath before the new year starts.  Trust us, this is an easy way to gather with your family in your own home but still connect with your Journey family.

We hope you will join us for both of these events, have an incredible Christmas with your friends and family, and we’ll see you back on the Journey Blog for a Weekend Preview of UNITED on Jan 2nd!

Message Follow Up | Hope: Part 3 – Hope Will Be . . .

Hope | Part 1: Hope Will Be . . . from Journey Church on Vimeo.

by Matt Dawson

“May your unfailing love be with us, Lord, even as we put our hope in you.”

Psalm 33:22

This is one of my “go to” verses.  I love it because it highlights the unfailing love of God AND our choice to place our Hope in Him.

As Christians, we should be marked by the choices we make, especially our choices about where we place our Hope (our confidence, trust, source).  When people ask us “how can you have hope in such a hopelessly broken world” or “how can you retain hope when that broken world brings trouble right to your doorstep?” 

The answer is simple, but not easy – we choose to. Continue reading

Weekend Preview | Hope: Part 3 – Hope WIll Be

By Chris Denning

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These past few weeks we’ve been talking about the hope that is Jesus.  The hope that was foretold hundreds of years before His birth.  The hope that we can experience right now, in our current circumstances.

But what about tomorrow?  What about in the days to come?  Will hope be?

In short: Absolutely.

The truth is that Jesus is the same hope yesterday, today and forevermore (Hebrews 13:8).  Forevermore.  That truth is not conditional, meaning no matter what happens, no matter what comes, Jesus will ALWAYS be hope.

What if we’re in a tough situation, or walking through a really nasty valley currently?

What’s down the road for us?

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Dealing With the Santa in the Room

By Zack DeBerry

My family is kind of into Christmas.

People think we are nutty sometimes when we tell them we put up eight Christmas trees.  Yes, that was EIGHT, as in ocho or one less than a baseball starting lineup.

I love the Christmas season and all that comes with it.  I love the music, the lights, the tacky sweaters, the red cup at Starbucks, the crazy shopping malls, but most of all I love that it feels different.  It is different than other time of the year and that’s because of the excitement & anticipation that comes with it.

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Message Follow Up | Hope: Part 2 – Hope Is. . .

Hope. I Part 2 – Hope is… from Journey Church on Vimeo.

Hope Is . . . in MY Jesus.

Believe it or not – the word “my” above is not a positive one of personalization and appreciation.  When I say that my Hope is in MY Jesus, I’m referring to the Jesus I want him to be for me.  The one that I craft in my head; the one that looks more like a genie in a Bible than the Creator of the Universe.

We all have a tendency to write a new gospel in our hearts called “the gospel of Steve, or the gospel of Sarah”.  This is OUR ACCOUNT of who and what we think of Jesus, His mission on earth, and what we feel & think He should be doing for us in our lives.  At the end of the day – OUR HOPE IS IN (MY VERSION OF) JESUS.

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