One of the Most Important Resources for New Parents

By Chris Denning

My wife, Abrie, & I had our first kid a few months ago, Addison. And as new parents, you quickly realize how it seems that EVERYONE is trying to sell you something. Try this formula, try this bib, look at this awesome bag! After all, everyone’s gotta buy diapers, so why not buy THESE!

We’ve found that the best resource we have isn’t our sweet Rock-n-Play or even the gift from Heaven known as pacifiers, but its something that can not even be bought!

Its not always easy to get, and can be difficult to hold on to, but if you get it right, it can make or break your parenting.

One of the most important resources for new parents is Teamwork.

This kind of teamwork isn’t just about learning how to work together. No, its much more than that. This kind of teamwork is about establishing a plan, providing practical support & extending lots of grace.

As new parents, you’ve got to have a plan for so many things. In the beginning, its been all about having a plan for keeping this child alive! When are you feeding her? How are you feeding her? How should she sleep? The list goes on and on!

Without a plan, not only do you and your spouse begin to fall apart, you begin to harm the child as well. New parents must learn how to develop a plan and commit to sticking to it together. Teamwork for new parents requires a plan that is both helpful & sustainable for everyone.

New parents also need to learn how to provide LOTS of support to one another. Having someone to talk to about a similar situation is helpful, but this kind of support is a tangible and practical kind.

I’m gonna talk to the new Dads for a second (myself included). We HAVE to learn how to support our wives, and not by just taking out the trash and going to work every day if she’s able to stay home with the baby. We need to be PROACTIVE in our support. That means jumping in and changing diapers, feeding the baby, learning how to clip nails, cleaning bottles, giving baths, and everything else your wife is a rockstar at.

Simply put: Parenting alone is incredibly difficult (hats off to single parents), so learn how you can work together with your spouse to provide practical support for each other.

Finally, teamwork for new parents requires that you extend a lot of grace. Lets face it, neither of you really knows what you’re doing and you’re both doing a lot of learning on the fly. And honestly, you’re going to mess up and piss each other off.

When tensions are running high, remember that you’re both on the same team. When your baby is up for the 3rd time tonight at 4 in the morning, try not to get snippy with each other. This isn’t easy, but do your best to extend each other grace in these moments of difficulty.

Having someone who you can completely rely on and work with to raise your child is a HUGE blessing. Do your best to take care of that relationship, and learn how to work with great teamwork by establishing a plan, providing practical support, and extending lots of grace.

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