Message Preview | More Than Sunday Part 1

By Chris Denning

I’m gonna make this short & sweet because I’m writing this with a 1-week-old strapped to my chest #DadLife

This weekend, we’re starting a series called More Than Sunday, where we’re taking the time to better understand what worship is and how it fits into the life of a believer. Simply put, I believe that we don’t understand what worship means (truly), and our misunderstanding causes us to come to dumb conclusions.

For instance:

  • I don’t like to sing, therefore I don’t sing at church, because worship time just isn’t for me. WRONG.
  • I’m not talented in music, therefore I don’t like to go into service for the music, because I don’t enjoy it. FOOLISH.
  • Worship is just a time during a service, therefore I just need to fake it til I make it for 20 mins on a Sunday & I’m good. DUMB.

Worship is so much more that just something we do on Sundays. I know that some of you get that, but this weekend, we’re going to talk specifically about what worship is and how our time together on Sundays at Journey fits into that understanding.

If anything I’ve said has upset you so far, then you DEFINITELY need to come hang out this weekend. This isn’t going to be a rah-rah, bait & switch situation where I cheerlead you about how we need to sing more and then we do a few songs after the message to prove the point.

Nope. We’re going to take an honest look at what we believe about worship and how our time together on Sundays plays into it. Why? Because how we worship reveals what we think about God. Chew on that for a minute, cause we definitely will on Sunday.

Come and challenge yourself to open your mind about what you believe about worship, it’s going to be a great time together. Plus, I’ll probably show a baby pic or 2 because I can #CuteBabiesWin

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