Message Preview | How To Be A Man | Part 1

By Matt Dawson

If you do a quick search on Google, you’ll find about 100 different blogs, articles, and funny stories around the topic of “how to be a man” or “how to get your masculinity back” or even “why a real man can cry anytime he wants to.” However, outside of personal opinion pieces (blogs, magazine articles, studies) there really is not CONCRETE plan or resource that I could find on HOW to be a MAN!

I’ve been excited all year for this message series.  We’re intentionally kicking it off this Sunday (Father’s Day) because I believe that Scripture tells us a great deal on how to be a godly man and gives us great examples of flawed, broken, sinful men that were referred to as men who loved God.

The interesting thing about our modern-day searches for “how to be a man” looks at all the wrong things. What a man likes, what a man looks like, what a man enjoys, and what a man should know how to do.  I know some women that might disagree – but men are not so simple! We’ve been created in the image of God with complexity and care and every man is different.

However, even in our complex individuality – there are common principles and ideals that God gives men to “be” a man of God. Not a blueprint for the exterior of a man –  but challenges, questions, and priorities that will show up and direct the course of a man’s life in his priorities, responsibilities, and activities.

I hope you will be with us for EVERY WEEK of this series. It’s going to be fun, challenging, and I pray beneficial for every person at Journey. If you’re married to a man, dating a man, raising a man, raising girls that will one day marry a man, or you are in fact a man… THIS SERIES IS FOR YOU!
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