Message Preview | Follow The Leader – Part 1

By Matt Dawson

During a season when our country is at odds with our current president and his leadership, we thought it would be an excellent time to discuss the principles of how God uses leadership and His desire to be the Leader of all.

Paul tells us in his first letter to the church of Corinth, “Follow my example, as I follow the example of Christ.”

Follow-Slides[title]Our scriptural study during our “Follow the Leader” series is going to come from the book of Judges.

The time of Judges (Old Testament) was a unique time in the history of God’s people. It’s a time filled with war, rebellion, and God’s desire to see His people LIVE in the freedom of His Ideals and Instructions as they settle into the land of promise. However, just as we today often experience, God’s people struggled to allow only God to lead them and would rebel against His will and instructions causing nothing but oppression from their enemies and distress in their lives.

God would raise up “judges” (champions, warriors, and leaders) to help bring peace to the nation and point them back to God’s sole leadership of the nation.

Judges like Ehud, Deborah, Samson, Gideon, Eli, Jephtah, and Samuel. These men and women were chosen and gifted by God to help lead the people, but they were NOT perfect! They all struggled with faith, fear, and integrity in their own leadership.

The goal of this series is not only to help us recognize that we still serve a God who desires to be the SOLE LEADER in our lives, but also to understand the role of the leaders we are given. That even in their flaws, failures, and humanity, God is able to use all of it to accomplish His mission and will for those who trust God alone as their Lord.

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