Message Preview | Am I Christian? Part 2

By Matt Dawson

What an incredible Easter we had at Journey! I’m so excited for what God is doing in the hearts and lives of the folks who call Journey home.  I was happy to meet all the friends and family that our partners INVITED to JOIN THEM on Easter and they came! What a great opportunity to share the Absolute Hope we have in Jesus through our new series “Am I Christian?”

As I said Sunday, this question often comes up whenever our EXPECTATIONS of how we define “Christian” seems so far from the reality we are experiencing.  Sometimes, we need to go back to the BASICS (the non-negotiables) of our faith.  However, I really think the approach that brings us better results is to ASK BETTER QUESTIONS.

So here are the questions we are asking you to consider.

Am I Free?  We discussed this last weekend (Easter) and I expressed that if your faith doesn’t actually cause you to feel MORE FREE, than you may not be doing something right!  Maybe you need to go back to the basics, but for most of us we need to find out WHY we feel in bondage to religion, fear, or our old ways of living.  That’s going to bring us to THIS SUNDAY’S QUESTION.

Am I Experiencing Change? One of the basic characteristics of a disciple is a Transformed Life.  Yet, we don’t often know what that transformation is supposed to look like. Many of us are trying to change our behavior or the way we think and feel SO FAR from what we think a Christian should be doing or thinking.

This Sunday, we’re going to unlock the mystery behind a theological term called “Sanctification.” What does it mean to be a NEW CREATION (New Man) in Christ?  Why do we still struggle with sinful thoughts, desires, choices?  How does this help me figure out why I’m not feeling FREEDOM in my faith journey?

This could be the most freeing Sunday you’ve ever experienced in your lives when you begin to understand how Transformation is Produced in your life!

I hope to see you Sunday as we continue this highly impactful series “Am I Christian?”

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