Message Follow Up | We Can’t Stay Here: Part 3 – We Have to Go

We Can’t Stay Here: Part 3 – We Have to Go from Journey Church on Vimeo.

by Matt Dawson

Ready . . . Get Set . . . Go – NO

Go . . . Get Set . . . Ready – YES

What an amazing weekend we had together as a church looking at what God wants to do among us.  It takes steps of faith, going when He calls us to GO, praying for discernment along the way, and getting ready for God to do what only He can do.

However, this is not just a way to try and force God to act on our behalf.  We have to be clear about what GOD is calling us to do.  We can jump off a cliff with all the faith in the world that God will make a way for us, but IF HE DIDN’T CALL US TO JUMP OFF THE CLIFF, then we are facing a hard lesson when we hit bottom.

So, how can we be sure of what God is calling us to do? 

Think about those four heart areas we talked about on Sunday that align with Our Core Ambitions.  If we are purifying our hearts daily, and growing as disciples of Jesus, then I believe we will hear His voice more clearly.

Surrendered Heart – allows us to lock arms and Partner with His church and His mission.

Receptive Heart – moves us to Grow in our faith and see changes happen in our lives.

Compassionate Heart – prompts us to Serve others and breath life into the greater purpose He has for us.

Obedient Heart – challenges us to Lead others to the absolute Hope that only Jesus can bring.

When we make it a discipline to consecrate ourselves and position our hearts to be surrendered, receptive, compassionate, and obedient, then I believe when Jesus calls us to get out of the boat, we will walk on water.  Not because of how amazing WE ARE, but because God is going to do something amazing among us!

In the course of this year, we will individually and collectively (as a church) take some steps of faith that we feel God calling us to. We might not have all the HOW’s answered, but we will trust that God will reveal the next step after we take the first one.

3 Campuses.

3,000 stories changed by absolute hope.

$300,000 reinvested in LKN.

These are just steps to take, mile-markers we believe we will see.  We believe God will reveal what is next as we take them, pray and discern what is next, and be ready to see God do what only He can do.

Have you positioned your heart as you follow and grow as a disciple of Jesus?  What step is God asking you to take today?

Is He asking you to GO?  Don’t wait until you’re ready or set.  Trust Him today!

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