Message Follow Up | Grattitude: Part 2 – Show It

Grattitude: Part 2 – Show It from Journey Church on Vimeo.

An Attitude of Gratitude will drive WHAT I DO because I’ll know WHY I DO IT.

Colossians 3:17 (NIV)

And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

This statement and verse combo are very convicting to me.  Probably because I spend more time doing things out an attitude of entitlement without realizing WHY I’m doing them.  This seems to be harder to address than just trying to filter my words and express gratitude.  

Here’s why… The core of entitlement is selfishness.  

It’s all about me.  When this attitude lives out in my life, I am consumed with making every decision and seeing every circumstance through the lens of me–colored glasses.  No matter what is happening, I am filtering all of it through me–colored glasses and allowing it to store up entitlement in my heart.

This attitude then drives all of my actions and behavior.  Why did I do that? – Because it was good for me, or beneficial to me, or makes me feel better, or presents me in a good light to others.  I can even do “Christian” things that look self-less, completely driven by an attitude of entitlement because helps me or makes me feel better about me. 

But when Paul addressed the church and told them that “whatever they did, in word or deed” meaning that no matter what it is in your life that you are doing or saying DO IT ALL in the name of Jesus by giving thanks to God the Father through Him!”.   This means that what we do should have some intentionality behind it.  We should KNOW WHY we live the way we live.

If we are living with genuine gratitude in our hearts, it will be reflected by our behavior and the way we live our lives because we KNOW WHY we are living this way.  

Gratitude begins where my Entitlement ends.

It will show up and drive the way I serve others around me.  It will drive the way I view my stuff (money, resources, gifts and talents) and how generous I am with those gifts from God.  It will drive every area of my life including my work and the pursuit of the dreams He’s placed in my heart.  

Only then can “whatever I do in word or deed” be done with thanksgiving, when I realize how thankful I am to Him for his provision, strength, blessing, and love that never fails.  

An Attitude of Gratitude will drive WHAT I DO because I’ll know WHY I DO IT.

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