Message Follow Up | Don’t Hate the Messenger: Part 1 – Samuel

By Zack DeBerry

Tell the Truth.

That is one of the first things we hear growing up, but it is always tough.

To make it even tougher, there are times when telling the truth can have consequences. It is in these moments that we are put to the test. Do we take the easy way out or do we take the tough path?

We talked about the Prophet Samuel this week and read a passage in 1 Samuel 3. Samuel was placed in a situation where he had to speak a hard truth to someone close to him. It was a difficult place to be put in, but Samuel was obedient to God and didn’t hold anything back. He told the truth even when it was difficult.

As we continue to discover more about the Prophets of the bible we will continue to see that there will be difficult times that require truth to be spoken. A TRUE Prophet is Committed to speaking God’s Truth in every circumstance.

As followers of Christ we must make this our priority as we engage with culture. There will be hard times with family, coworkers, neighbors, and friends that may require us to speak the truth. In those moments we will find a moment of tension where we have to decide between the easy path or the obedient path.

Just as Samuel was marked by obedience and God blessed him and used in a mighty way, God will use us too as we live obedient lives to Him. There is an old hymn I used to sing growing up and the main line of the chorus rings true today:

Trust and Obey  //  For there is no other way

To be happy in Jesus  //  Than to trust and obey”

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