Message Follow Up | Context: Part 4 – The Prophets

By Matt Dawson

I’ve really enjoyed diving into the Context Series here at Journey, and I hope it’s been beneficial for you too.

Even if you missed a few weeks, or if you missed yesterday – I want to just recap one statement that brings it all together for me:

Understanding the Context of our Faith helps us SPEAK AND LIVE out of the Greatness of God.

I firmly believe that many of us are NOT living out of the fullness and greatness of God in our lives.  There are many reasons for this spanning from doubt, faith in the wrong things, hardships we don’t understand, or a western apathy towards God fulfilling all of our needs because we can honestly fill most of them ourselves (or think we can).

No matter the reason, I want us to KNOW and begin to EXPERIENCE what it looks like to SPEAK and LIVE our lives out of the Greatness of God.

  • To Seek God for Answers to Questions that Everyone is asking but NO ONE knows the ANSWER to.
  • To Speak with CONVICTION about the Word of God and the TRUTH we receive from it.
  • To Humbly Live out GRACE in a way that is UNCONDITIONAL and NOT Circumstantial
  • To Live in FREEDOM in our choices and FOLLOW God’s leading without FEAR
  • To WITNESS the miraculous around us everyday and NEVER HESITATE to ask God for MORE

Let’s be honest, we all would LOVE to see even some of this be a reality in our lives, but in order to do this – we need to FULLY understand WHO WE ARE and experience WHO GOD IS.  To embrace the GRACE that he pursues us with even though we drift away from Him. To know that HE LOVES US and experience the Intimacy available to us.

ALL OF THESE TRUTHS are saturating the Old Testament.  We just need to dive in.  We just need to get over our apprehensions or surface issues and DIVE IN.  There is SO MUCH to know, learn, and experience.

And believe it or not, a better understanding of the Context of the Old Testament will UNLEASH a greater understanding and experience of what is given to us in the New Testament.

So what are you waiting for…. DIVE IN!

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