Message Follow Up: Colossians Week 4 Series Round Up

By Matt Dawson

So after 4 weeks of SOAP’ing through the book of Colossians, what did you walk away with?

The centrality of God? The fullness of God living in us? Staying focused on the truth? Remembering all these things with thanksgiving? The idea of stripping off our old life and putting on the New Life we have through Christ? Or the more practical closing verses to husbands, wives, bosses, slaves, employees, kids, prayer, and witnessing?

Sure, those are just a few things that summarize the book. Hopefully you received something different than I did. Those were just my overarching observations that I could fit into a 35 (okay 40) minute sermon. When I was doing the STUDY we provided… I understood a lot more than just those summary ideas as I slowly worked through each section.

My GREATEST DESIRE and PRAYER is that YOU walked away with a greater THIRST to Read Your Bible (Daily).

There is NO FUTURE CHURCH without the discipline of God’s people reading His Word on their own.

Remember that your 7-year-old can read a verse from the YouVersion Story Bible for kids and SOAP through it. If they can do it – you can too.

Everyday. S-scripture, O-obesrvation, A-application, P-prayer!

Choose what you want to read. Ask yourself “what stands out above all things in this passage/text?” Find the application for it then (context) and today. Then pray and thank God for His Word to you and ask for help applying it to your life today!

You can do it. The future church depends on it!

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