Message Follow Up | Breathing Room: Part 3 – Margin for Finances

Breathing Room: Part 3 – Margin for Finances from Journey Church on Vimeo.
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“Life is Better with Room to Breathe.”

Over the past 3 weeks we’ve been in this discussion about the margin (or lack of margin) in our schedules, relationships, and finances.  After all of this talk – have you discovered what the answer is?  Have you asked yourself “Where do I need some breathing room?”

John 10:10

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.

I can’t help but bring up this verse in light of the past few weeks. This verse comes with a warning and a promise.  A warning that we are experiencing far to often and a promise that not many of us are experiencing enough of.

The warning is that there is a thief who has a purpose… to steal, kill and destroy.  Are our over-scheduled lives STEALING the life Jesus promised us?  Are we setting ourselves up to be DESTROYED financially with debt and excluding God from our finances?  Have we experienced DEATH in our relationships because we simply were too stressed and focused on the wrong things?

Do you know what is ROBBING YOU of the LIFE Jesus came to bring you?

The second part of this verse is my favorite – because it brings emphasis and clarity to itself.  Jesus didn’t stop with “I have come to bring you life….” which would have been just fine.  Life is good. 

NO – Jesus goes on to say “and have it TO THE FULL!” Jesus was never asking for us to settle into our debt driven, overly-scheduled, margin-less lives and say “oh well… this is just LIFE”.  He had MORE in store for us.  His promise was FULLNESS of life (life more abundant KJV) and nothing less!

Are you experiencing LIFE TO THE FULL? – or are you too busy? Too far in debt? Too stressed and focused on the wrong things?

I wonder…

If we read this verse every morning from now until January 1st, what different decisions we would make?  If every morning we understood that there is a something today that planning to ROB ME of my breathing room (Trust in God).  BUT, we also understood that IN JESUS – TODAY – He wants me to experience  LIFE and LIFE TO THE FULL!

I wonder…

If we would start saying NO more often, that we would not try to do everything but would trust God to bless what we do intentionally.  To REST in Him and Trust Him fully.

I wonder…

If we would start building God’s ideals into our relationships and allowing there to be space to experience the JOY and FULLNESS we receive when we do life with other people (God’s way).

I wonder…

If we would start giving more, living more generously by honoring God with our finances first and watching Him begin to pour out His blessings on us.  (Take a minute and read this INCREDIBLE story about a family’s journey with giving at Journey.)

I’m willing to bet if we did read that verse every morning (and believed it), we would start to building in ROOM TO BREATHE and we would start experiencing LIFE TO THE FULL!

One Last Thing!

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